Custom Access Point Antennas?


Is anyone aware of a way to introduce custom Access Point Antennas?  Or if that is not possible, is there a way to change the Modeled Beamwidth of a 900Mhz Sector to exceed 90 Degrees?

I am trying to correctly model a KP Performance 900Mhz 90 Degree Sector Antenna, which can be used up to 120 Degrees(with obvious side-lobe degredation beyond 90 degrees).  But I have no way of accurately modeling this antenna, or any antenna beyond 90 degrees in fact...

So if anyone knows a way I can make a 120 degree PMP450i 900Mhz sector antenna in Link Planner, I would love to know and really appreciate it.


Hello Neil,

I'm sorry but this is unfortunately this is not currently possible to achieve in LINKPlanner as Access Points do not support custom antennas at all, and the modeled beamwidth is limited by predefined figures for minimum and maximum azimuth; uniquely for each antenna.