Customer 450B High Gain issue

I’ve got a customer with a 450b high gain SM and I cannot figrue out why they are having slow speeds. Signal strength is -62 so that is great. However, I do see the Signal to Noise Ratio is at 10V. It is running at 8x/1x MIMO A which is terrible. LQI is virtually nothing so that’s a problem. The Veritcal Downlink SNR goes from 9 db to 11 db and the horizontal Downlink SNR is flucuating from 12db to 22 db. We did a spectrum analyzer, but did not see anything interferring with 5170Mhz spectrum we are using that would potentially cause interference. So I’m not sure where to look next. Any recommendations is appreciated.

How close is the SM to the AP? We found for really close SMs had to lower the SM receive level on the AP to around -66 to prevent self interference. Other thing would be to check the frequency of any devices at the house such as the router. One time had a satellite on the roof interfere with the SM.

i see the same problem ours are range from 5 to 7 miles

What firmware version is installed both on the AP and the SM?

were using 20.3.12 on both sm and ap

We are using 16.2.2 on AP and 16.2.3 on SM. This customer is 2.67 miles away. Even went out in the field with test dish and placed it at different locations connected to that AP and still crap speeds. Signal strength is great.

Yikes! Why are you using such old firmware!? Please update ASAP!

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On paper it sounds like interference…
Are any other clients on the AP experiencing these symptoms? If there are others, can you try a different channel as a troubleshooting step? If there aren’t others, I’d lean towards interference local to this customer.

Are you running v16 on all the AP’s on that tower? If you’re mixing versions, especially on AP’s that may be using the same channel in your immediate area(or on the same tower), you could be dealing with self interference due to differences in GPS timing between the firmware versions.

While it certainly would be prudent to upgrade to a newer version, as long as you’re running the same version everywhere, that likely isn’t your problem…

Can you post a picture of the spectrum analysis?

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I’m seeing the same kind of behavior. Haven’t been troubleshooting much yet, but are wondering if this issue was resolved, and in that case, what was found?

We had a similar issue. It turned out to be that the customer was installed to far outside of the AP sector. The best clue I had was the RSSI imbalance. It was reporting in Maestro as 20dbs.

Trees cause this. Signal will be good, but modulation and SNR low. We have experienced it with SMs up close to the AP and at 8 miles away. The only tips I can give you is to find a place to install with good MIMO-B modulation (at least 4x MIMO-B) and then make sure your SNR is above 15db. Signal may be worse, but modulation is the most important attribute in my opinion when installing a 450b.