Customer balancing load with 2 VLANs.

Hi there, we have a customer that with four sites. One is their main office plus 3 additional branches.
The traffic flow is primarily originated at the main office when the customer opens up the multiple surveillance cameras at each of the sites.
The first two branches are using up almost all available bandwidth at the radio installed on main office leaving branch3 with almost no bandwidth available.
What we tried the other day was to install a second radio (different band) at the Main office and move all Branch3 traffic thru a separate VID. The customer ended up now with 2 Ethernet ports. When the customer plugged the second radio into their switch, our IP Monitor application lost visibility of that entire network segment as if the network was looping itself.
Our network is all switched; we don’t keep routers at our towers, just smart switches. Each AP sits on it own subnet and so the SM associated with each of them.
We use advantage AP’s and classic SM’s.

Here a diagram of the network. … levlan.jpg

We tried pretty much everything we can think of but still no luck. Thanks in advance for your help.

You should do load balancing through a router at the main office if you are going to set it up that way. The reason is you are creating a bridging loop. If you don’t have NAT set up on the SM it is just bridging everything and that will cause problems.

Customer should have a router in there - problem solved.

Hi Guys

Im thinking of doing the same - I have an extra 5700SMC - If I put another 5700 up alongside the existing one and connect to my private 5750 AP and configuring a Sonicwall TZ190 ( router that can have two WAN’S an loadbalancing) to use the second WAN port - will I double my speed to 14mbps at the home network?

Setup Please see for a better picture (well just a little bit better!)
…=>5700SMC #1 => WAN port 1 (IP
ADSL modem/router =>5750AP… Sonicwall TZ190 =>Home network (IP
…=>5700SMC #2 => WAN port 2 (IP

If the ADSL router has an internal ip address of should the rest have the DNS as the same or the external IP?
Im assuming I will need to turn off the NAT/ on the adsl/router so that I can use the (better) features of the TZ190 (VPN content filtering etc).
What would be the static IP setting of WAN 1 be - (modem) or would it be (5700SM)?

BTW - no vlan setup - will I need it?

Also just a thought - IN theory would it be possible to double this setup (by adding two extra SM’s and TZ180’s) to get a speed of 28 mbps - IF the AP had the capacity?