Customer Router Can Not Pull DHCP Address Via Bridge Mode F300-25 With 4.4 Firmware

Thursday morning we installed a F300-25 in bridge mode (management and data vlans) using 4.4 firmware. All worked good. Sunday night (yesterday) we get a call stating that as of Friday night they had been without internet. I logged into cnMaestro and it showed SM was up. Logged into SM via the GUI, front page displayed 1000Mbps/Full. Went to Monitor > Network, it displayed a router MAC in the Bridge Table. Logged into Mikrotik and looked for that MAC in DHCP leases. Found it, but instead being "bound", it was/is in a constant "offered" state. 

I then asked customer if they had another router or even a pc to connect directly to our ethernet cable. They had both, and both kept displaying "offered". I have checked, checked, and rechecked the config for this SM and everything is the same as the other SM's on this greenfield ePMP 3000 tower. 

Anyone else seen anything like this? I am thinking this may be a defective SM. I will be going out soon to test on location, but thought I would run this by the forum as well. 

Yeah, there are some pretty strange issues with DHCP and DNS on AC clients ATM. Supposedly they'll be resolved in 4.4.1.

We're having to temporarily assign static DNS entries onto the customers router for instance.

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Yea, I have been testing the 3000/300 since March at my home, and while the "No DNS" message pops up on webpages and devices still, it is much less than previous releases. It is like once a month now compared to a few times a week.

Anyway,.....I think I may have found the issue without going out to customer location. I always update both banks to latest sofware. I did not with this radio. The inactive software was 4.1.x. I upgraded software in that bank so both are 4.4 and now customers SOHO routers address is "bound" in the Tik tower router. 

Just waiting on customer to get home to test for us. 

Just got confirmation that internet has been restored....looks like it was the older software in inactive bank.

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