Customer Support Calls

When a customer calls in to your support center, what is  typically the root cause of the problem:

  1. Is it a real equpiment failure in your network?
  2. Is it their PC or equipment - and do you have to refer them to a third party?
  3. Are they expecting more throughput than they are buying - and you have to educate them?
  4. something else 

what is the average amount of time your ream invests to resolve the issue?

Most of the time for us its a payment problem - the customer has forgotten to use the correct reference on their bank transfer when paying us, or an email issue.

This is mostly teething issues, like removing old email accounts creating pop3 login errors when they close their old isp service after connecting to us etc.

Its not that often that we have equipment or hardware failures - of 400 customers in the last year, I have had to only replace one rooftop radio, and three routers. The three routers that failed were all due to the power supply failing.