customers drop down from the AP


We have noticed customers drop down from different APs, several times.

Both APs and SMs are running on 3.5.6 firmwar.


same situation, firmware 3.5.5, what's happen? customers are so angry!!!

Do you have at least one station with version 4.x ?

Hi, I tried with version and with this firmware many elevate SMs no longer see the AP....

If you also have only one station with version and everything else with 3.5.6 (or lower) it happens that all or many are disconnected, randomly

Try to keep the SMs and teh AP at the same FW version.

@Andrii Khyzhnyi wrote:

Try to keep the SMs and teh AP at the same FW version.

I think both the original posters said they were running 3.5.6 and then 3.5.5 respectively. 

same issue from here :/ all AP and SM are in 3.5.6. Randomly, it hangs until manually reboot.

Hi all,

We would be really grateful if you could attach logs from AP and SM with disconnect reasons posting you are experiencing disconnects issue.

In this case we will be able to distinguish if it is the common issue or not and react faster.

Thank you.