Customizing Browser Tab Titles - PTP 600, PTP 650, PTP 700 and PTP 800

When you are managing a number of units through multiple tabs on a browser, the default browser title is not useful for identifying units. This is because all the tabs display the same default title. This is shown in the picture below.

You can easily customize the browser title using the Browser Title attribute which can be found under Management / Web / Web Properties.

Web Properties.png

You can enter plain text as well as any number of the following system attributes:

linkName, siteName, masterSlaveMode, sysName, pageName, productName, ipAddress , ipv4Address, ipv6Address, ipv6LinkLocalAddress.

To distinguish an attribute name from plain text, type a $ symbol in front of the required attribute name.

In the example above, the Browser Title has been set to the Site Name attribute followed by the plain text of a comma and a space followed by the Link Name attribute.

The result is as follows:

In the case where there are so many tabs that each tab is too small to display the full title, you can hover over a tab and the browser will display the full title.

The default Browser Title is as follows:

$productName - $pageName (IP=$ipAddress)

The same result is obtained if the Browser Title field is left blank.

For PTP 800, primarySecondaryMode and transmitHiLo are also included. The former defines whether the unit is configured as the Primary or Secondary in a 1+1 configuration. The latter defines whether the unit is configured to transmit on the high or low frequency of the allocated FDD spectrum.


This is quite helpful, indeed.

There's nothing like sitting at a hub site with umpteen links, juggling a network diagram with IP addresses, trying to determine which link you're really seeing.



Unit Name has been added as a possible string in the browser tab titles. The list of variables is now:

$ipAddress (the address specified by IP Address Label)