Cyclone Advantage weak at 3.5 miles...


I used to have one AP Advantage 60 degrees and my signal was strong.
Now I switched to a Cyclone Advantage 360 degrees and my signal is now lower.

SM near the Cyclone AP (1.5miles) have much stronger signal than before.
But the one at 3.5miles used to have -70dbm now it’s at -80.
Downlink Efficiency: 75 Percent
Uplink Efficiency: 79 Percent

What should I do? What is causing this. Any tips for me?
I’m running Hardware Scheduler, max range is at 14miles, 2x is enabled and Transmit Frame Spreading is disabled.

Here’s the config of one of the problematic SM.

Device type
2.4GHz - Multipoint - Subscriber Modem

Software Version
CANOPY 7.2.9 Jul 23 2005 01:49:03 SM-DES

Software Boot Version

FPGA Version
070605 (Single, 40MHz ExtBus, DES, Sched )

Subscriber Modem Stats
Session Status

RSSI 716
Jitter 4
Air Delay 386 (approximately 3.58 miles (18914 feet))
Radio Slicing Value 469 (decimal)
Radio Transmit Gain Setting 18 (decimal)
Radio Power Level -81 dBm

Registration Grant Status Normal
Sustained Uplink Data Rate 3500 (kbps)
Uplink Burst Allocation 500000 (kbits)
Sustained Downlink Data Rate 3500 (kbps)
Downlink Burst Allocation 500000 (kbits)

Frame Configuration Information
Data Slots Down 27
Data Slots Up 9
Control Slots 0

Key Features Information
Maximum Throughput
7mbit Aggregate


what antenna did you order? sounds like you got one with downtilt when you did not need one. They have several diffarent models. What is the diff in elevation between the base of the tower and the sm? How tall is the tower? The 2.4 antenna with downtilt is very small compared to the one without. I had the same issue. the elevation was relatively flat and the ap was at 160 ft on the tower. I could not get a sm to register at 4.5 miles. spectrum analyzer showed -85 to -90. Everything close had a good signal. I had the dim whit who ordered it send it back and they put a diffarent ant on it for a small fee like $200. no problems anymore.