Cyclone CTM 1-M Last Mile gear unit tripping its breakers

Has anyone had a problem with their CTM units just apparently randomly tripping its port breakers? We have a unit installed and working perfectly for bout 16 months. Suddenly 2 days ago 5 out of our 6 radios on the most remote tower went out. Fortunately I was able to drive to a sector served by that one AP that was still up and access the CTM. It showed that all ports expect one had tripped. I reset all ports and all was fine for about 5 hours and then the same thing happened, except this time only 3 radios went down. So I repeated this process and the first two times some ports tripped again within minutes, and then it finally took and lasted again for about 5 hours and then tripped some other ports. I repeated the process again yesterday at 1 PM and we have been running fine for 21 hours now.

Support at Last Gear has no answer other than the unit malfunctioning (and of course we are now out of our 1 year warranty!!). I don’t think it is our radios, seeing that the ports that get tripped seem to change randomly. So question is are there any other environmental conditions that could cause this? We are not in lightening season anymore, and the first day it happened it was a calm clear day. It has been snowing for the past 2 days and all is fine so far.

Try upping the amperage, we too have had wierd instances when running generators at 8amps , These CTMs are big on power and need the intial amps to get going , otherwise your heading into problems and Lastmile doesnt have an answer.

Jim Carey

Directlink, LLC Colorado