Data averaging drastically changes how the data looks

We are using the onsite version of CNMaestro Version 2.4.1-r10.

The last 24 hours of polled data is saved in 5 minute intervals, then when the data gets older it is
somehow averaged and thinned to 1 hour intervals.

I understand this is how it works and we have no control over how often it is polled or how long it is saved.

However, I wonder if there is a better way to average the data when it gets over 24 hours old.
As you can see in the example attached the 2 graphs look very different.


In the 24H graph the evening of the 18th from approx 18:00 to midnight the upload frame rate
hits 100% and stays there for quite awhile.

But when I compare it to the entire week graph it looks quite different.

I see the trend that happened last night and want to compare it the other nights last week,
but I cannot see same thing I see in the 24H graph.

I do not have any solution in mind, I just wondered if you guys have any insight of how the data
averaging algorithm might be improved, or maybe if we could have control over how often the data
is polled and how long it is stored.

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IMHO, if you want to control your data and have proper graphing, you’ll need to graph with your own graphing package (PRTG for example).