Data rate in Uplink


I am trying to troubleshoot something on our WiFi network and I am looking for information about uplink data rate per client on cnMaestro. Is this available? I would like to check, how good is the link from client to AP, is there any other way to check it?

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1.Go to AP Group
2. Enable WiFiperf (in service - look at the picture)
3. Install SpeedFlex on mobile (android google play)
4. Change IP for selecteted AP (Configuration->Destination) - put IP of yours AP.

5. Select Uplink in Configuration

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In addition to Pshemo’s answer you can view a client’s full data rate in cnMaestro. From the AP’s Dashboard “Clients” tab you can click individual clients to view that and other client details.


Thank you for all options.

@Jordan, what does that “Rate” reffers to? It is in downlink or uplink?

Rate in this instance corresponds with “data_rate” reported by the device. I think that is the cumulative uplink/downlink rate. I’ve contacted one of our AP engineers to get a more definitive answer for you.

Thank you, because this makes it a huge difference when troubleshooting on the field.

Unfortunately, this is not a total value. This “download” value is negotiated and based on SNR and RSSI.
This value is smooth and depending on the position of the receiver it changes up or down.

I received further clarification from our engineers:

The rate value is the actual data rate at which client transmitted the data to the AP. This value keeps getting updated from the packets received on the AP from the client and on each stats push to the cnMaestro the latest value of its is read from radio driver and pushed to cnMaestro. If customer takes a wireless packet sniffer and captures packets on air and analyze the same then it will show the same data rate’s as used by the client for each packet.

This is huge. Thank you!

You just might wanna change “rate” to “uplink rate” or something, that we instantly know what it is.

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Noted. Thank you for the suggestion!