Daylight Savings Change for 2007...

DST starts 3 weeks earlier this year…Windows affected, cellphones, pdas, dvd players, vcrs, etc. affected possibly also…

Is Moto Canopy going to be affected? What about CMMs, APs, Prizm, etc?

I would hope there is going to be a fix implemented into GPS. I would think that the CMM would adapt to the fix.

What real negative side-effects would it have on the Canopy system besides the time being off?

I agree, I imagine the US military will not want their time being off :smiley: and the change will be updated in the GPS system. As for the rest of the network, I would hope that everyone updates their NTP servers to reflect the change.

As for the possible sside-effect of the time being off, unless you are in the GMT timezone, won’t your time displayed in the GPS ststus be off anyway? Mine is. :lol:


ntp is used to keep time in sync but doesn’t set time zones. you need to have the appropriate time zone. Time itself is actually set in UTC (GMT) and its the time zone variable that determines how it is displayed for your system.

For java, you need to use tzupdater from Sun since it doesn’t get it’s timezone from the OS…as it’s platform independent. =)

its the time zone variable that determines how it is displayed for your system.

Precisely, any thoughts on how to do that for Canopy?


I agree the CMM’s should change. The only possable issue I could see would be with Prizm. If the time difference between the Prizm server and the Canopy equipment is greater then the poll interval Prizm could interpret this as a no response and alarm accordingly.

the cmm micro displays GMT with AM/PM on the status page, but on the GPS status it indicates GMT in the 24 hour format. there is no daylight time on the CMM micro so all stays GMT and it Never changes.