we use all three cnpilots in our network, is there a way to define the basic config file to grab the correct firmware file for the specific router, or is this a value we will need to manually edit with the specific config file?    or a combination firmware file planned on future releases?

we use the default config file to define password, management network and vlan, remote web access and tell it to look for its mac specific config file.   it would be nice to have a universal grab for firmware at the Cambium-cnPilot_R config file. 


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Thanks for your inputs.  After discussion with my team, I will update you.

I actually just figured out a work around.

When the default config file is called, i have that fine change the config file to model specific.

In the model specific generic file i select the firmware then use the MA variable to call its specific config. Takes a few extra minutes but works

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