DC POE for Force 400c

Hi al just looking for a solution in a DC POE to power up a Force 400c, a poe switch is not economical for this deployment. Thank you!

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure batteries in the 48 volt configuration will work. We use the white microtek inline POEs they have the AC adapter on the. That you can cut and and wire to batteries I know we’ve used some DC, 48 volt power supplies, to power up several 3000 APs and even 6G stuff. Not sure on your setup if you have room for 48 volt worth of batteries though
Maybe a voltage converter? But then you need something to keep the batteries charged so then you got to look at getting a charger on AC or solar. We’ve used both at different locations

Tycon has a number of options. Take a look there. As @Nathan_Holloway mentioned also, if you have a 48v battery bank at the site, feeding the radio directly would work as well. Just don’t forget an appropriate fuse.