DC Power or AC power

I am trying to adapt solar panels to the equipment on my network (cnWave Wi-Fi AP). However, I do not know if they have AC power or DC Power. Please educate me on the subject.

Is not meant to be mean in any way, but if you don’t even know whether the cnWave (which are 802.3af/at PoE compliant or passive PoE powered, depending on which cnWave) are AC or DC then I would strongly advise against trying to connect solar panels here yourself. The chance that you fry the hardware is almost 100%! :wink:

either way:
Power over Ethernet - Wikipedia

cnWave products are POE powered - the recommended POE is 56 vDC, 60 watts for the v5000 and v3000. You could take your solar, run through an inverter, and use the POE. I’m assuming you mean the v5000 Distribution Node unit. It can be powered by 48v DC on the ethernet connection. Cambium have a DC adapter, or you can power with a custom cable (Pins 3,4,5,6 are +, 1,2,7,8 are -), then use the SFP+ port for data.


I can’t blame them if they are not familiar with Cambium and or, in particular, the cnWave product wouldn’t know!

A lot products that fill the V5000 role (Power/Light Pole Radio) are powered by 110/230VAC, like the Cisco AP1572, ABB TropOS 6430-T, etc.


Though, if they are using solar, I would suggest using DC regardless with a DC/DC power supply designed for solar.