DC Powered Version of cnMatrix?

Found other unanswered posts going back years but instead of resurrecting one of them I thought I would make new post.

All the specs I can find still show only AC/Internal.

Is there really still no DC version of these switches ? Plans to make DC Versions ?


There are 2 families of ethernet switches (cnMatrix) at Cambium Networks. The EX family which is our family of switches targeted at the Enterprise Market. The TX family of switches are purpose built for WISP/Tower deployments, but can also be used for enterprise applications.

Details for these 2 families of switches can be found at Cambium’s Web site. Data/Spec sheets and other documents are available.

In the EX family of products we have one switch that uses a removable power supply. These are known as CRPS units. Cambium has 6 CRPS units to choose from. 3 DC units and 3 AC units. This is the EX2052R-P switch.

The TX 2K family of switches all use the same CRPS units. So any of these switches can run under DC power.

So, in summary, we have a total of 4 switches that use CRPS units, meaning they can be powered with DC power.


The 6 CRPS units we offer are: (3 AC, 3 DC, 600W, 930W, 1200W)


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