Default Access Parameters (IP address, login etc)

Default IP address:

ePMP 1000 Hotspot :

cnPilot E400 :


Username: admin

Password:  admin

Command Line Access:

Telnet: Disabled by default

SSH: Enabled by default (on standard port: 22)

Web GUI Access:

HTTP: Enabled by default

HTTPS: Enabled by default


V2C Community Strings:  public, private

Change Settings:

Various access parameters can be configured (enabled/disabled) from the CLI under 'management':

test-E400(config)# management

  cambium-remote       : Enable Cambium remote management of this device

  http                 : Enable http server

  https                : Enable https server

  ssh                  : Enable ssh server

  telnet               : Enable telnet server

  user                 : Users that will login to the device

 cnWest-E400(config)# management


To Disable, use 'no' form of the CLI commands, for instance to disable telnet: 'no management telnet'.


To  Change password: 'management user admin password newpassword'


On the device GUI, all of this is configurable under:

 Configuration->System (Management subsection)