Default config

Is it possible to change the default config so at a reset the unit goes back to "our" config?

By reset you mean 'Reset to Factory' or you want to load your config on every reboot ?

I want to load my own config every time.

It can be done on every reboot. We can configure provision options and using DHCP -66 option and TFTP Sever we can push our own configuration file everytime device reboots.

I will mail you detailed instruction document for doing it.

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Thanks :-)


You can refer the "Provision" related details in cnPilot R200/201 user guide.
To quickly summarise you need to configure a TFTP server and user DHCP option 66 to push the configuration file.
You can configure your TFTP server with DHCP option 66 enabled and do folowing setings in the device.Navigate to Administration ->Provision and change the Config File Name as your desired config file name , save and reboot.Keep that config is the TFTP root or any other location configured in your TFTP server.

After doing these settings in device and configuring DHCP-66 option and TFTP server, configuration file will be pushed on each reboot or resync will happen whenver there is an change  in config file.Device will reboot after configuration.

You can see syslog messages to see the start of provisioning process.

<> provision[10241]: start

After this "start" process your saved configuration file will be pushed to device and device will reboot once.