Default sertificate for epmp1000 with Radius


Is it posible to use Radius scheme with default sertificate on Subscriber module?

According to manual it should be created root sertificate for Radius  and than be uploaded to each SM which is boring. Is there any chance to do this job one time on Radius server side?

Please find the Radius Server Certificates attached.

These server certificates work with default CA certificate that is pre-loaded in the SM.

Server Certificate:           cert-829.der

Server Key:                         key-829.der

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I just want to update and say that these certificates works fine in FreeRadius isntallation.

Here is changes in radius eap.conf:

private_key_file = ${certdir}/key-829.pem
private_key_file = ${certdir}/key-829.pem
CA_file = ${cadir}/camb-ca.crt

Thank to Cambium guys for good support!