Define users for captive portal

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is it possible, in some manner, to have users for captive portal? And log theirs login and logout?

I mean, i do not want captive portal for guest, i want captive portal for real users.

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Hi Antonio,


If you are managing your real users using external RADIUS or LDAP you can redirect them to a page (Hosted on AP or External Web Server) to enter their credentials. Upon Successful authentication they will be redirected to logout page.

Sample pages:

Login Page:


Logout Page:


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Hi Gupta-Bobby,

i need some help, please...

I'm trying to configure cnMaestro with daloRadius but, perhaps, i miss something... i'm using the appliance of daloRadius... i've configured cnMaestro as you depict here... but no way... i do not get a login page... have i need to configure cnMaestro in some other page to connect to daloRadius?... or what?... may you give me some other suggestion?

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Hi Antonio,

I believe daloradius is specific for radius service. You need to upload the portal page in a different location on Linux.

I have attached a configuration document of the external captive portal integration for you reference.

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