Delayed reboot

Here's something I really miss from a previous vendor we used: "Delayed Reboot"

What this did was to enter a time in minute, like 10 minutes and you start the timer.

then you can go ahead and do config changes to optimise the SM and whatever needs changing over the air.

You can click apply and it will apply the changes, even restart if necessary but without permanently saving the changes, then if all went well and the SM was able to reconnect with the changes you can log back in and stop the delayed reboot timer and permanently save the changes.

If you messed up the config on a remote SM, you just wait for the delayed reboot timer to run out and reboot with the previously save config and try again.

This is a must have function when working on remote units and can save you a lot of travel and down time, please consider it.

I never thought about it this way before but this would save me SO much time and 20 minute drives.

Yes - other gear has this.  With an ''activate but don't save'' or a ''test settings'' mode, if it doesn't re-link, then it'll reboot and reset to the last saved settings that did work. It's a must have.