Deny cnmaestro admin permission to delete

I want to add an administrator user to my cnmaestro cloud account. But i don’t want them to be able to delete any devices, how do i do that

I think you’d want to add them as an operator or monitor account. Here’s a list of the roll types and what each allows:

Role-Based Access

cnMaestro supports the following user Roles:

  • Super Administrator – Super Administrators can perform all operations.

  • Administrator – Administrators can modify cnMaestro application functionality, but they are not able to edit User, API, or Server configuration.

  • Operator – Operators are able to configure device-specific parameters and view all configuration.

  • Monitor - Monitors have only the view access.

  • CPI - CPI can perform onboarding the devices using the CBRS tool and has the view access only.


Even operator has deletion access. So left out is monitor role.


I want this user to be able to configure
what i dont want is them deleting any devices.
Operator user can delete
Monitor user cannot configure

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