Deploying cnMaestro NOC on KVM

The steps to import cnMaestro On-Premice OVA into KVM are below. The steps below assume KVM is already installed on hardware. This is currently experimental and we recommend VMWare ESXi  server for production deployment.
Also few other things to keep in mind while deploying KVM.

- KVM requires a CPU that supports hardware virtualization (Intel VT-x or AMD-V)

- A 64-bit kernel is required on the host operating system.

  • Extract cnMaestro On-Premise OVA 
$tar xvf cnmaestro-on-premises_1.2.1-b19_amd64.ova
  • Convert vmdk image to qcow2
$ qemu-img convert -O qcow2 cnmaestro-on-premises_1.2.1-b19_amd64-disk1.vmdk  cnmaestro-on-premises_1.2.1-b19_amd64.qcow2
  • Create New VM
    Launch Virtual Machine manager and create new VM. Choose “import existing disk image” option and click forward

  • Select Disk Image File
    Choose qcow2 image created in earlier steps. Select OS Type as Linux and then click forward

  • Configure Memory and CPU
    Configure Memory and CPU as per requirements

  • Customize other VM Configuration
    Select “Customize Configuration before install” checkbox and click Finish.


  • Set Disk format to qcow2
    On left hand side options select “Disk”. Expand “Advance options” section. Choose “Storage format:” as “qcow2”. Then click “Apply”

  • Configure Network Adapter
    On left hand side options choose “NIC” and select the appropriate source device. By default its NAT. Then Click “Apply. NAT is not recommended and cnMaestro may not work without proper portforwading configuration.

  • Begin Installation
    Click on “Begin installation” on Top Left. It would take few minutes to finish. After installation console may show blank screen for some time. Wait for 10-15 minutes. If “cnmaestro login:” prompt is not shown after that then restart  VM

Will there every be official support for KVM or OPEN Xen?

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I am unable to convert the Ova file of cnmaestro 2.1.0r22 to qcow2 as the error message says no file in the directory .
kindly assist