Deployment E500

Hi, We are continuing with the installation of E500 devices, and We know about the antenna pattern but We would like advice or recommendations, We are using three ways for these installations, the firt one is with a mast,  the second one is with a mast for satellite antenna, the third one is just set next to the Wall. I send you pictures about our intallations. Thank you 

For the image named “E500 next to the wall.jpg” I would recommend mounting this AP a little lower down on the wall. In its current location a lot of the signal will be trapped by the surrounding building (lower down is more open. Assuming your target coverage area is the surrounding street I would recommend an omni directional antenna.

For the image called “E500 with Mast.jpg” I would recommend the E501S and would recommend mounting the AP so that it tilted facing down the target coverage area.

The other 2 images are a little too close together for me to see what area your trying to cover. If you’re able to provide more images I’d be happy to give my thoughts.