Deployment range of ePMP radio 200

I am planning to deploy two cambium radios ePMP 200 5 GHZ at a range of 30 Km.
Will it work?

A great way to model links before you hang them to find out if they'll work and what performance you'll see is by using Cambium's free LinkPlanner tool. That being said, depending on the allowed TX power for your region and interference levels, I think the link would work, but you'd have poor performance. It would be better for you to use a connectorized radio and a 2' or even 3' dish.

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As Eric suggested I would definitely put it into linkplanner - that should get you close to expected results.
We have an employee with no other options connected to our tower at 35km using force 200s at both sides. Works great most of the time, but it also gets a considerable amount of fade so it’s not something I would use for a paying customer.