Deregister an SM from an ePMP AP.


When you "DEREGISTER" an SM from an AP, what happens to the SM?   Will this action or option permanently block or deny the SM from ever registering back on to this AP?  Or, will it be allowed to re-register if the AP is rebooted?

Also, will "deregistering" an SM from the GUI/cli permit that SM to move back to their Primary AP (if only were two (2) were defined)?  In other words, is this a reasonable way of "kicking" an SM of the 'wrong' AP without having to reboot the AP in order to allow the SMs to re-register with the preferred AP.


Hi.  Deregister will 'kick' the SM off, and then the SM will do whatever the SM is programmed to do. So, that will (as you say) allow it to go through it's priority list and re-associated to the 'top' AP in it's list.  Or if this is the only AP it can associate to, it'll just go ahead and re-associate back to the same AP.

So yeah - this is the perfect way to ask the SM to re-reg back on it's ''correct'' AP.  Or to just re-associate back on this AP if this one is the 'correct' AP.  :)