Description field and PBA

It is about the Description field when using PBA. The host name of the connected device is usually displayed in the Description field. However, if a PDA rule is used, which is displayed in the PBA Rule field, the name of the PBA rule is transferred to the Description field. Unfortunately, you can then no longer see which device is connected to the switch port, but the name of the PBA rule is displayed twice. In my opinion, the host name should still be visible in the Description field. The effect occurs in cnMaestro as well as in the switch GUI.

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@Lesswire_RalfS The command to disable PBA updating the port description is given below:


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I used ‘pba update-port-desc lldp-sys-name’ in the User-Defined Overrides which brings back the device name into the description field. This works perfectly.

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