details of QoS operation

If this is documented somewhere, can you point me to the info?

Does Cambium QoS operate on whole packets, or fragments?

And can you describe the mechanism by which it does traffic policing or shaping?  I'm trying to find out if the AP will buffer packets in order to shape the rate to the SM?  Or is it more of a policing mechanism?  If it does in fact buffer and shape, what determines the buffer depth?  Available memory?  Does the AP have a global buffer pool, or per LUID buffers?

The reason I ask is that we currently do our rate limiting in the tower or core router, it's policing using RED.  We are really struggling with some CDN and Windows Update traffic that doesn't seem to invoke congestion avoidance in response to anything short of severe packet drops, in the absence of increased queuing latency.

The PMP/PTP 450iSeries has extensive quality of service (QoS) involving traffic classification, traffic policy and shaping capability.   The Configuration quality of service configuration guide at for release 15.0.1 which can be downloaded at  .  It is found at PDF pages  462 - 475.  If you have any questions please let us know.