Detecting a down wireless link via SNMP on the PTP450 series

I am trying to setup some alerts to simply detect if one end of a link cant see another wirelessly. I can’t rely on ping as some of this equipment is in a loop or has redundant connections. The 650 and up all have something like Wireless Link Status that I can check, but I can’t seem to find an equivalent on the 450s.

Any ideas?


perhaps “WHISP-APS-MIB::linkSessState” is what you are looking for?

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good idea, but two problems.

  1. Its indexed by the LUID, so what happens if the slave side is replaced. Wouldn’t the new hardware get a new LUID and thus break the check until the master is rebooted?

  2. I really need something that will work on both ends, as for some of these the whole master-slave relationship is kind of hazy and gets changed around sometimes.