Device Configuration Failed

Have yet to get the device configuration module working... Anytime I attempt to apply a configuration to any device it immediately reports back with the following error... "Device Configuration Failed Using Template ~template name~" I cant seem to find in the documentation where it describes the the file transfer proceedure to configure the devices so i dont know how to troubleshoot this from a network/firewall issue either. I do have the CNS server in the same vlan as the devices... Windows firewall is off, Corporate firewall is allowing all traffic through... The device upgrade log in CNS is empty. not sure what else to check?

Here are the software versions i'm using.

CNS server Version - Running on Windows server 2008 R2 Datacenter.

ePmp AP's version 2.4 "although i've tried 2.1.and 2.3 flavors as well.

ePmp STA's "same as above"

Please help!

Anyone here???

Hi - our Team will respond to you shortly.