Device does not show up in anywhere (Onboard, Manage, Inventory)

I am currently managing my 23 Access Points (cnPilot E-400 and cnPilot E-500) devices from cambium networks cloud (Version 1.6.3-r13). The APs are running firmware of 3.4 and above. I recently tried onboarding a new E-400. At first, i successfully onboarded it and was showed under default network. Later when i tried creating a custom network (I already have about 10 networks) and added the AP to the network, both the network and AP have vanished from the cloud. Now i can not see the device anywhere in cloud including the onboarding list (which should have kept it for a week) or Networks or AP Groups or Inventory. When i tried re-claiming the device following message is seen.

Info: 1 Serial Number(s) already claimed. Please onboard these devices, if not onboarded yet.

I also tried resetting and reconfiguring the device. Its been about 5 days since this problem occured.

If anyone knows about this issue, please let me know.

Can you please invite me in your account?

I will sent you private messageĀ asking forĀ details


It is fixed, please check your account now.

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It is resolved. Thank you.


I Have exactly the same problem, i have onboarded two AP's a day ago but today i can see any of them under my onboarded Devices

Please assist

Hi Benno,

Are you using Cloud or On premises version of cnMaestro.Ā  What error you are getting in the device home page under the cnMAestro connection status.Ā