"Device is unreachable" message on login screen.

Our 1.4-mile ePMP 5 GHz Force 300 link is up and doing well, but now when we go to the IP address in a browser it takes us to the login screen and displays the following message in red:

Device is unreachable.

We cannot log in at that point. I did a search for "unreachable" in the ePMP 3000 4.3.2 user guide and didn't get anything related to my problem.

Any ideas?

Can you power cycle it, either manually or via cnMaestro or SSH? After that, please update your radios to 4.4.1.

I can easily power cycle the master side of the link manually from inside the office. When it gets to the login screen I immediately get that message and cannot log in.

Keep in mind the link is up and working just fine. We simply cannot log into the GUI.

Can you ping and ssh into the device? There is a chance that UI was loaded from browser cache and when it actually tries to login you see this message.


I can ping and ssh. See link below:


GUI login shows the same message even if I use another browser or a private browser window. Still can't log in with GUI.

Can you pelase get the HAR file for me when you try to load the login page and login?



We can take it off the forum. Send it to my email dmitry.moiseev@cambiumnetworks.com


I sent the file.

For posterity: this ended up being caused by BitDefender. I thought I had disabled all the BitDefender protection as I only have it on my computer as a "second opinion" on-demand scanner, but I forgot that I had left some of the Online Threat Prevention protection on. Once I disabled those the problem went away.

Thanks to Dmitry at Cambium for the rapid response and resolution!