Device Name Change in 3.2/3.2.1

I noticed that beginning on firmware release 3.2, the device name on the login screen of the radio only now displays "Cambium ePMP" instead of the programmed device name before authenticating on the web GUI. Is there a way to enable the device to show the actual programmed name on this screen again?

Having the actual programmed device name makes it a lot easier when programming radios, as we don't have to login again and again to verify the device name.


Let me check this issue on my setup.

I will revert back with conclusions.

Thank you.

+1 on this - we used to be able to tell what radio we were about to log into, now we have to log in to find out what radio it is.


I kinda like it this way. Info shouldn't be exposed to people that shouldn't have it. OTOH, "site information viewable to guest users" is an option on Canopy. Wouldn't be a bad idea to do the same on ePMP.

Issue has been confirmed.

It will be fixed in next release.

And thank you for idea to implement same functional with "site information viewable to guest users" like Canopy has. We will review it.

Thank you.


For us, should be better if the device name information doesn't see in the login screen for security reasons. 

+1 for an option to view site information in epmp like in canopy. 

I prefer to see the client name, but what would be a great solution might be a “public name” or something under System settings so we can set it however we want, default “Cambium ePMP”. (I’d use ISP name & number) Just for unauthenticated web access.