device name

Hi, I would need to see the name of the AP device in addition to the SSSID for us is very important for this function, can you know if it is in a programmed future this function?


On Monitor Wireless page you can see AP’s device name.
Could you please describe more on functional you are requesting and how you are going to use it?

Thank you.

Both SSID and Device name are programmable. Like Fedor suggested, if you can elaborate on your question or use case we can provide a better response.

I can not see the name of the AP device, For me it is very important to see the name of the AP device

Yes, I am sorry, I was wrong.

Device Name is dislayed on AP side on Monitor Wireless page, so you can see names of SMs.

I can assume you'd like to see Device Name to be able to decide which AP SM should be associated with in case all APs are operating with same SSID.

For now you can distinguish APs by MAC address which is displayed on Monitor -> Wireless page on SM side.

I would be grateful if you could provide more information on your scenario and we will try to scedule this functional for further releases.

Thank you.


that’s right, I need to see the name of the app to see if I’m associated with the right ok, which comes in my direction. when do you assume that there could be this release of this new feature?

We have to check technical aspects of implementation first.

Part of parameters SM get from AP's beacons and other part is measured on SM side.

Beacon usually contains standard parameters set like SSID, Country Code, MAC address.

Device name is not the standard one.

Thank you.