Device names not visible in cnMaestro 5.0.0 on iPhone

After the most recent update, i can no longer see what radios are offline. All i get to see is their mac address. The radio name is now hidden, and working out which radios are offline takes an age. This is the worst thing thats happened since my hair fell out aged 27. Help

Hi Riddle,
Could you please share the path and screenshot of the issue. Also please do invite and to your account to have a quick check.


1st step Shift + Relod page
2nd step Clear cache + cookies

Check and repeat if necessery :slight_smile:

Having same issue on three I phone’s, tried on Safari, Firefox, google and Edge, device name is not showing, which is not good when on the road it does show mac and garbage can only and … for device name.

I can confirm that I see the same problem on my phone (using Safari), but it works correctly on desktop (even when using browser developer tools to emulate a phone’s screen size).

@riddle, are you seeing the problem on desktop or mobile?

just on Iphone it does not work, it works on samsung phone and on laptops no problem, I will check Ipad when I get home

Lol I didn’t realise this was public :smile:

You guys are correct. It’s fine on desktops.

Is there a fix for iPhone? I access cnMaestro from my phone 99% of the time. It’s such a great tool and comes in handy so often for all sorts of reasons.

Its working in Ipads, Issue is seen in mobiles. We will fix as soon as possible and will release the build.



Thanks for highlighting this issue to us. We have rolled out the fix, so can you please try it out and let us know?


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my iphone is working Thanks for the quick fix

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Thank you for sorting this so quickly! Looking good on my phone :slight_smile:


Looked at my apple Ipad air and it still not showing names on it, works great on phone

Hi @yhbb,

Could you please try clearing the cache and check whether issue still exists, if yes please confirm OS version and cnMaestro version.

We checked in 14.4 software version, it is showing fine.


Ipad OS 17.2(21C62) Ipad air 4th Gen

Cleared cache on Firefox and safari and google chrome
Still no names

We tried with ‘Ipad OS 17.2(21C62) Ipad air 4th Gen’, but we still see device names.
Could you please invite and to your account.


Hi @yhbb,

Thanks for reporting.
This will be fixed and updated in upcoming release.