Device out of sync : Configuration failed: country_code:Country not supported on this sku

Hello everyone, I onboarded my AP on my controller today. Everything is working except I keep getting “Device out of sync : Configuration failed: country_code:Country not supported on this sku” on my controller’s WEB UI. I am new to cambium so I would be happy if anyone could help me out. my AP’s firmware version is and I can’t find my country in the country code section as well.

Device out of sync means that the configuration of the AP group in cnMaestro does not match the configuration in the AP. Cambium sets the country code of the AP by the part number.

Country code not supported means that the country code you specified in the AP group does not match the country code specified by the AP’s part number. Match the country code represented by the part number of your AP, and your AP group will synchronize the AP’s configuration.

Thank you so much for replying @DaveClelland , I have two questions now … what do you mean by “AP part number”. Also should the countries match independent of if they are actually my country. For example from Ghana does that mean I can select any country in the AP group of my controller as long as it matches the country in the AP configuration?

CnMeastro Type = CnMeastro Essentials
Version = 4.1.0-r3

I am currently facing problems with getting a client id and client secret to connect to “cnMaestro RESTful API” on v2. I have three problems I am facing right now

  1. How do I get the API Client navigation tab?

  2. How do I set the “client_id” and “client_secret” manually because I tried setting one and using it in API authorization header and it gave me an error?

  3. In the above(issue 2) can you choose to manually set “client_id” and “client_secret” over using the default “client_id” and “client_secret”?