Device Stuck on Updating

I onboarded a PMP450 SM device 6 days ago, it showed up in the onboarding queue and when I approved the device it went to updating and had been sitting on that status ever since.  I can not unapprove the device or delete it from cnMaestro.  Any Ideas?

Please send me your Cambium ID and Radio MAC in private msg.

Please check in your account it is fixed.

So what is the actual solution? I am seeing this as well on a 450SM on using the onpremise cnMaestro version 1.2.1-r1.

I would need a team viewer session to fix this issue

Please send me the details


Hi David,

A quick question, is the PMP SM connected to cnMaestro and stuck in Updating state?

Or is the PMP SM offline with cnMaestro?


This is happening to me as well.  I approved about 135 ePMP SM's and they are now all stuck in 'Preparing to Update.'  How can I fix this?

Is it happening on cloud or On-Premises?

Please try to reconnect the device with cnMaestro (disable/enable the cnMaestro agent from device GUI and it should connect and onboard)

I still have the same problem. Disable/Enable and reboot twice didn't help. AP still stuck in "Updating" carousel. "Device Approval Pending" message, although I clicked "Approve all". Luckily, I don't have any clients on this sector yet, so I can reboot without causing outages.

Are you on cloud or On-Premises?

If on cloud please send me your cambium ID and AP's MAC which is stuck in updating state via private message.


If you are using On-Premises, then just reboot your VM and your AP which is stuck in Updating state will get onboarded once the VM comes back (your cnMaestro version should be minimum 1.3.0-r7 )

This is cloud.  I'm not going to do this for over 135 devices (manulally disable the agent).  Is there another way to fix?

We are using the Cloud version. I just sent you an email with a list of devices.


If I delete unapprove/delete the device from cnMaestro, the SM logs this:

Mar 20 15:55:13 CUST DEVICE-AGENT[3676]: EINPROGRESS in connect()
Mar 20 15:55:14 CUST DEVICE-AGENT[3676]: Server certificate is verified and it is valid
Mar 20 15:55:17 CUST DEVICE-AGENT[3676]: Received Headers : "HTTP/1.1 503 Service Unavailable
Mar 20 15:55:17 CUST DEVICE-AGENT[3676]: SMs pmac [00:04:56:CE:75:05]
Mar 20 15:55:17 CUST DEVICE-AGENT[3676]: Not able to find cnMaestro, Try Discovering again
Mar 20 15:55:17 CUST DEVICE-AGENT[3676]: Discovery of cnMaestro Failed
Mar 20 15:55:17 CUST DEVICE-AGENT[3676]: Unable to discover cnMaestro

Example MAC:  00:04:56:FF:F5:16

I am having the same issue. I have onboarded many devices but they are stuck on "preparing to update". I have tried multiple solutions but have not found any that work. Any suggestions? Probably over 20 devices stuck.

Are you using cnMaestro cloud or On-Premises?