Device was busy on Mass Restart

Couple months ago ,and this symptom applies on all of our administrated Cambium Ids, when we proceed to made a restart to all of our managed devices on a selected Cambium ID (through inventory menu) , we have noticed that are many devices of all type (WiFi/AP/SM) that cannot go to forced restart and under jobID the explanation is " Status:Online, Result:Skipped, Message:Device was busy".

You have to delete the old jobs from the job queue periodically

Are these same devices still skipped with later attempts?

The “Device was busy” message is shown when a device is locked by another update, like software update, configuration update and in some cases name or latitude/longitude. Were other updates being made at the time, perhaps by another user?

There were issues in previous versions of cnMaestro where a device could get stuck in a locked state, even after the action completed. Fixes have been made in 3.0.0 to prevent devices from getting stuck in a locked state and to also recover devices that were stuck in a locked state in previous cnMaestro versions.

First, i deleted all job history (configuration/update/history) but the issue is still on action. If I remember correctly the issue appear somewhere on cnmaestro X transition … Is very annoying , I have to say…

I’ve forwarded this thread to a colleague to get some feedback.

Does this only occur with restart jobs or do the same devices get skipped for software update or configuration jobs?

We investigated this and have found the root cause to be topology dependencies are causing devices to be skipped rather than waiting for the conflict to resolve. For example, if an SM is rebooting cnMaestro skips its AP rather than waiting for the SM reboot to complete.

We’ve opened a bug ticket to address this in a future release. In the meantime, devices can be rebooted en masse based on device type/mode. Meaning only reboot cnPilot devices in one attempt, only SMs in another, only APs in another.

This issue is specific to Action jobs. Software Update and Configuration jobs do not have this same issue.

Thank you for your patience and bringing this to our attention.

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