Device with sector antenna for 100 km

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Please  suggest me Device with Sector for PTMP and PTP device as well for 100 km distance.

You are going to find it extremely challenging to deploy any kind of Multipoint system at those distances.

In most places in the world, regulations won't allow the use of equipment with high enough power levels to make that work (let alone the size of antennas required to transmit such a signal).

For Point-to-Multipoint solutions, typical sector range is 5-10 km, though there is equipment available to reach longer distances.

In a Point-to-Point link, there are certainly options that can get you the distance you are requesting (>100 km).  Cambium Networks makes the PTP 670 product line, which is capable of reaching quite far.  In fact, we did a mountain-top to mountain-top link of 245.8 km to demonstrate the extreme distances that these products can cover.  You can find details of that here.

Cambium Networks provides many solutions, and as with most jobs, there is not a "one tool solves all problems" mentality.  Where are you located?  We can have a local representative reach out to you to explain Cambium's offerings in more detail.

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Not to mention that the curvature of the Earth's surface (YES - the Earth IS round all you Flat-Earthers!) there is 700+ meters of curvature at 100 Km.  So - you'd have to deal with the 350 Meter tall 'buldge' of the Earth in the middle of your link. :)

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