PTP 650 Sets New Wireless Broadband Link Record of 245 km

PTP 650 connects from Pike's Peak to Cheyenne, Wyoming in a single hop. Check out Bruce Collins' blog post and video HERE. Share your questions or comments on the record setting link on this thread.

Do you have a long PTP link, or one that is remarkable? Share your stories HERE.


Hi Ray, that's impressive - I see those were 3ft dishes, what signal/speed did they get? Any screenshots of the status page?


Hi Colin,

We were using 3 ft. standard performance dishes from tire-mount masts at 5.8 GHz.   Ran the link at 5, 30 and 45 MHz channels and had receive signals of approximately -76 dBm even while battling some pretty heavy winds.   We were running a high-def video link and a VoIP server over the channel.   Consistently stayed above 30 Mbps which is what we had designed the link for.  The link was established with both PTP 650 and PTP 700.

The link came up fast and we were testing out the applications after less than an hour on site.  Pretty awesome scenery too.

- Bruce


Anyone who can help me to know where I can download the video of the new record at 245km link? Might help this video to me in presentations of our product. Thank you in advance guys :)


a link to the video can be found here:



would you inserted here the capture of PTP link planer for that link pls..?

As video i see:

- Camera Axis for Video

- Voip C3VOIP-2000 Cambium for Voice

- Antenna RadioWave


Check out the write up of the 245 km link HERE. Get all the details on this long link.

Hi Sir,

Can you share me the linkplanner file for this link. Current working a link under 200km, maybe it will help me.

Thank you in advance and more power.



Hi Gerry,

You should be able to recreate this link in LINKPlanner, using the following information:

Pike's Peak Parking Lot

Latitude = 38.84079N

Longitude = 105.04352W

Cheyenne Frontage Road

Latitude = 41.03796N

Longitude = 104.88242W

PTP 650 configuration

3 foot dual-polarized parabilic antennas (31.5 dBi gain)

27 dBm transmitter power

Predicted performance

Link availability = 99.96%

Availability of at least 16QAM 0.63 Dual = 95%

The predicted availability (99.96%) was plenty good enough for our distance record attempt. However, if you have a long-term requirement for a link at about 200 km, it makes sense to use larger antennas, and perhaps space diversity, to increase predicted availability to meet the business needs.

Thank you so much. We are hoping we'd be able to close and make this project.