Device's configuration changed outside of cnMaestro

We have 80 AP's managed in cnMaestro cloud. Occasionally an error is reported on random APs that

"Device's configuration changed outside of cnMaestro".

We haven't touched anything on the APs to cause this.

Running a sync job on the AP fixes.

We are running recommended 3.11.1-r2 firmware.

It's been happening for months and on other earlier firmwares and cnMaestro versions.

Any idea as to why ?



Hi Phil, 

If you are sure about no changes were made on the device web UI, we can take the techsupport dump from one of the AP and compare the configuration with cnMaestro.

I would suggest to enable "Lock AP" fetaure under Application > Server, this would help you to overwrite any Wi-Fi AP configuration changes made outside of cnMaestro.

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Definitely no changes made outside of cnMaetro. I am the only it staff that manages wifi here.

I have dumped the support file from the AP currently out of sync


Had to use Chrome to download. Firefox 69 kept giving an error.

Is there an email I can send this to ?



Hi ,

I checked the tech support dump and there are scmd crash files in it. Once scmd crash happens device agent process(This is the process responsible for the device and management system communication) will go for a restart and the config sync status shows out of sync . We have identified a similar scenario locally and the same will be fixed as part of upcoming release 4.0 scheduled tentatively for september end. It will be great if you can  also let us know what configuration changes will be commonly made from cnmaestro and then pushed to AP

by you.



Thanks, hopefully a fix coming

We have seen this on random APs when I dont' recall any changes have been made in cnMaestro at the time.

Lately we have been making changes for ePSK use.