/devices GET API endpoint is returning duplicate devices (cnMaestro on-premise 2.1)


Our cnMaestro instance has 4,851 devices. When I use the /devices GET API endpoint and traverse through all of the 4,851 devices (in batches of 100 for each API call, and offsets of 100, 200, 300, etc...), I noticed the same two or three devices were appearing at the end of almost every call. This led me to investigate further and modified my script to count how many times, throughout the 49 API calls and 4,851 devices, the mac address of each device was found. The results were that 1,088 devices were found throughout the list more than once, and the total amount of duplicate entries from these 1,088 devices was a whoping 3,613 devices. From the duplicate counts of each device I found that most were counted between 2 and 6 times, and only a few were counted more than that but were significantly greater (I saw one with a count of 28, and a few over 40 but nothing in between). Even with these duplicates, the total device count is still 4,851 so these duplicates are taking the place of other devices, they are not just being added to the devices list.

I was led to this odd behavior because I was looking for a specific device (that is in our cnMaestro) by its mac address and never found it by traversing through the /devices endpoint. I even did this manually using Postman (yes, I manually made 49 API calls) and used Find to see if that mac address was ever in the results, and in neither of the 49 responses was it present. However, when you go to Inventory and export all the devices to csv, you can see all 4,851 devices without duplicates. Because those duplicate devices are taking the place of other devices, I couldn't find that specific device by its mac in the list of devices returned.

We are using cnMaestro 2.1. Is this a known issue or has it been already fixed in newers releases? I haven't seen in the "fixes" section of the new releases.

Thanks in advance for any help with this.


We have identified the issue and will expedite the fix in the upcoming cnMaestro version - 2.2.1. Thanks again for bringing this issue to our attention!



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Thanks for the quick reply.

When is it scheduled to be released?

We are planning to release 2.2.1 On-Premises version by 24-Jun.