Devices stuck on 100Mb after upgrade to 4.8

Good day one and all,

Trust you are all doing well,

Done some upgrades to the new firmware, seem to have all my devices stuck on 100m now, even after taking auto negotiate off and forcing it to 1G.

This is on the 3000L as well as the Force 300-25L SM

Anyone else experience this or is it just me?

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Hello, @Bradley_O_Connor

Can you check it with the option ‘SmartSpeed’ being enabled?


Hi Andrii,

Smart speed is enabled on the devices yes.

Hi @Bradley_O_Connor,

I suggest you to Raise Ticket in the right top of this page. It is free of charge.
Attach 1-2 techsupport files from your radios and our engineer will help you to sort this out!

Will have a ticket raised.