DFS power range on SM vs non

I am seeing very poor uplink power on my SM. I am running 5480 and I see -65.5on the Downlink and -77.2 on the uplink.

I don't know if link planner is corrent but it says it should be -66 down and -69 up.

This is a 2.7 mile link.

I have another radio running the 5700 Freq and the uplink on the SM is -80 on the uplink.

Both APs I am using are the 450m and the 450i.

I'm assuming you are in the US? If so, this is expected behavior as the max legal EIRP for AP and STA is 30dBm when in the DFS bands.  If you are using a 25 dbi dish on the STA and 16dbi sector, your numbers pretty much match exactly what they should pencil out to for 2.7 miles.

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You are correct. I am in the US and using the 450d which is a 25 db.

Here is is a screedshot of the uplink from the SM

Thanks for the input!