DFS Status State Reference

The DFS Status system parameter displays the current DFS state of the device based on the regulatory rules associated with the configured or locked setting of the Country parameter.

Channel Availability Check:  Prior to transmitting, the device must check the configured Frequency Carrier for radar pulses for 60 seconds).  If no radar pulses are detected, the device transitions to state In-Service Monitoring.

In-Service Monitoring: Radio is transmitting and receiving normally while monitoring for radar pulses which require a channel move.

Radar Signal Detected: The receiver has detected a valid radar pulse and is carrying out detect-and-avoid mechanisms (moving to an alternate channel).

In-Service Monitoring at Alternative Channel:  The radio has detected a radar pulse and has moved operation to a frequency configured in DFS Alternative Frequency Carrier 1 or DFS Alternative Frequency Carrier 2.

System Not In Service due to DFS:  The radio has detected a radar pulse and has failed channel availability checks on all alternative frequencies.  The non-occupancy time for the radio frequencies in which radar was detected is 30 minutes.


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