DHCP acting weird

I have dozens of epmp1000 units in the field, but I am having problems with one connectorized SM.

It's been running fine for weeks, but now I am getting this on the network monitor screen:

DHCP Server Status


DHCP Server IP Start Address


DHCP Server IP End Address

DHCP Gateway IP Address



No matter what I do, the starting DHCP IP address will not show.


I checked several of the other units, which are set the same way and running fine for months and they all show a starting IP address on this screen.


And THIS one was working fine until about 12 hours ago.


It's running 2.6 and I upgraded to 2.61 with no difference. 


Devices get DHCP IPs, but they can not ping the Internet, even though the radio can ping out just fine.


Also the monitor screen shows the issued IP but will not pick up the device MAC address of anything we connect to it.


IT WAS WORKING for weeks.


Do I need to RMA this unit?


Have you tried a full factory reset and reprogram? Failing that I’d reach out to Cambium support to start RMA process.