DHCP anyone

is it possible if running Prizm/Bam to run all SM’s under DHCP??

Yes. Routers at all towers that hand out the Public DHCP address’s. Work perfectly fine.

The only problem with that is if the SM takes a few minutes to register the customer will have a “Limited or no connectivity” message every time their CPE is reset. Should work fine if they register fast enough.

Yes you can have Prizm assign an IP address according to the AP it is associated with. You set this under define networks.

We run central (NOC) based DHCP server and it works great. Need to make sure you turn on DHCP Relay in any routers so that it forwards that request onwards.

Also of course, set the check box under Adv. Net Config to allow BootP client but not server, so that no one accidently plugs routers/switches in backwards and puts DHCP server traffic out on your subnet.

We use a modified DHCP server that looks at the hostname field to reference a DNS name to assign the static IP from. If no hostname match, it checks MAC address.

Of course, Moto wont put in a hostname field, so when running NAT we have to enter the MAC address.