DHCP from clients

As i noticed in  one of our installations, which includes some e500&e501 (running on latest recommended firmware, I'm getting dhcp from the clients side. That had  disaster effects on my network and I tried to eliminated it by setting ON the client isolation (on local at the first and on network at the end). Unfortunately this setting has not solved my problem with the dhcp and the only solution it was to create  an acl which blocked the dhcp discover packets passing  to   wireless side. I thought that the client isolation could block all these packets ..


Can I ask do you have the option "Local" or "Network Wide" selected?

Client Isolation "Local" only prevents clients connected to the same AP from taking to each other.

Client Isolation "Network Wide" prevents clients taking to each other regardless of the AP.

Yes as i wrote and above i have selected both variants of client isolation without success..

Prehaps the other client devices are tricking the APs in thinking they are the default gatway.

If you select Network Wide Static and enter in the MAC address of your preferred DHCP server does that work?

Maybe this one will be working,  but still I couldn't understand how its possible a client with the isolation setting to On could serve addresses on my network..

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client isolation will drop only unicast communication between clients. DHCP is broadcast, ACL is the only option to deny these kind of issues. 

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