DHCP Hostname

if i use example.com anyone know why every CPE is registering as CHE.example.com wouldnt it be much more useful if they used their macaddress for registration taht way we cauld reach radios via hostname with proper dns setup?

Chris-  I am not clear on the issue.   Are you talking about the sessions display on an AP with LUID, MAC and SNMP site name?

He is probably talking about the dhcp table in the dhcp server, we see the same thing. Every pmp100 radio we have registered its host name with the dhcp server has che for what ever reason. It would be very helpful go add host name support (SNMP name would be great) to the dhcp response so we can use customer-name.cpe.ispdomain.com to reach cpes rather than racking IPs or using the aps go get to them, the epmp supports the hostname fields correctly and simplified direct access to them

Hi - looks like this is a bug in populating option 81.  I've captured the error and we will look to get it fixed in 13.4.1 release coming up soon.

Thanks for reporting it and for your patience!


This has been fixed now.

Few things:
By default DHCP server will update the DNS A and PTR record.
Hostname will be populated as following

If Sitename is default i.e. No Site Name , mac address will be used instead.
Characters should only be a-z | A-Z | 0-9 and period(.) and dash(-)
The domain name part should not start or end with dash (-) , they will be skipped.
space or _ will be converted to -

If using PxP 45x use , 14.1 open beta else 13.4.1 open beta