Dhcp lease time from cnmaestro to cnpilot's don´t work

any one has this problem?

i set 2 hours of dhcp lease time for clients connected to E500's via cnmaestro, it send sync and say all ok. At the ap page web, it says now 2 hours of lease time, but is not.

the clients still have 24 hours and the config.txt file says "lease 0 0 0"

the only way is set it manual by delete the number and set it again and save at the ap.

any ideas?


cnpilot in syncconfig file from cnmaestrocnpilot cloud connected and syncdhcp lease time from cnmaestrodhcp config from cnpilotconfig file from cnpilot

I have sent a private message to share the techsupport of AP. 

We are able to replicate this issue in our lab, we are working internally to address this. As a workaround please use User-Defined Overided option on cnMeastro to push DHCP pool lease configuration.

ip dhcp pool 3
lease 0 2 0